Monday, September 10, 2007

Lioness, Enlightened

Plastic Plate Engraving, 9.5"x8" $200
This piece is based on the Buddhist story of Muchalinda, a five-headed snake who came to guard the Buddha when he was trying to achieve enlightenment through meditation. Demons began taunting the Buddha and Muchalinda protected him. The notion that ugly or scary beings can guard the good against equally devious forces fascinates me.

The lioness, my symbol of strength and resolve in the feminine form, is under the Bodhi tree, a fierce creature guards her from any incoming harm. While his face and teeth are menacing, his body becomes human, with feet in a lotus position at the bottom. The ugly and unfortunate moments in life usually guide us to revelation, but one must be strong and resolved to make it through these moments.

Built Up, Build Out

Plastic Plate Engraving, 2007 4"x9" $110

She Howls

Plastic Plate Engraving, 2007 6.75"x6" $110

Wish You Were

Plastic Plate Engraving, 2007 7"x8" $110


Wood Engraving, 2004 5"x7" $80
The lion becomes the god of war with antlers and the power to suck in and spit out the casualties that he creates.

Preparation, Investigation

Plastic Plate Engraving, 2005 4"x6" $70